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From these screenshots below, you can see the complex nature of the layouts that I've coded and worked with. Unless otherwise noted, my contribution to the sites was Front-end Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, when needed). I did not create the graphical design of the sites.

Please note: over the years, the sites that I've worked on have changed. The screenshots that I am displaying are screens of the sites as they were when I last worked on them. Many sites, such as the Hasbro ones, have undergone multiple re-designs since I worked on them. When possible, I will link to the Live URL. Others, I will try to link to the site on the WayBackMachine.

More sites/screenshots that need to be added include:

  • Constant Contact - EventSpot - Event Marketing
  • GotVMail.com (now Grasshopper)
  • EvergreenSolar.com
  • Transformers.com
  • Playskool.com (a second redesign)
  • MonkeyBarTVJr
  • and several mobile sites:
    • m.Sympatico.ca
    • m.TheHook.ca
    • mobile.theStreet.com
    • wap.Tarot.com
    • Univision "Destino 2008" & Univision "Premio Lo Nuestro"
    • Rambo ad microsite
    • mobile.Boston.com

Enjoy! If you have any questions, drop me a line.

Code examples available upon request.


The most recent site I worked on was Sophos.com. While at Sophos, I worked on quite a few projects, including the complete overhaul of Sophos.com which involved a new IA, new visual design, and new CMS (Sitecore) implementation. For the new site, which launched in April 2011), I created the 6 base HTML and CSS framework templates that are used for the entire new Sophos.com site & CMS. I also coded section content areas on the older Sophos.com site (Security, Solutions, Support, and Partners sections) and created the information architecture of the Security News & Trends section of the site.

Front-end Developer (July 2009 - May 2011)

Sophos.com pages in new site template:

  • Sophos.com homepage - April 2011
  • Endpoint Products - Expanded topnav menu
  • Buy Now landing page
  • Buy Now - Small Business
  • Your Needs - Higher Education - DLP
  • Security News & Trends landing page
  • Security Trends page
  • Security Hubs landing page
  • Security Hub - Viruses and Malware Vulnerabilities
  • Podcasts landing page

Sophos.com pages in old site template:

  • Sophos homepage - 2009
  • Channel Partners page
  • Support section landing page
  • Endpoint Customer Resource Center

The first 6 sites shown here are sites that I developed while with MaintainNet (2005 - 2007).

The BaskinRobbins.com site had its first redesign in 2007. It has been redesigned at least twice since I left MaintainNet.


Front-end Developer (March 2005 - January 2007)
  • Baskin-Robbins homepage thumbnail
  • About Us landing thumbnail
  • Birthday Club landing page thumbnail
  • Cakes landing page thumbnail
  • Franchise Opportunities landing page  thumbnail
  • Recipes page thumbnail

Baskin-Robbins' AreYouBold.com

(New product/special promotion site) - Front-end Developer (March - June 2005)
  • Are You Bold? microsite homepage thumbnail
  • Baskin-Robbins' Are You Bold? microsite detail thumbnail

The DunkinDonuts.com design stuck around for a bit longer but, it was redesigned in 2010.


Front-end Developer (March 2005 - January 2007)
  • Dunkin' Donuts homepage thumbnail
  • Shop Online page thumbnail
  • DD Card landing page thumbnail
  • Manage DD Card - No Recharge page thumbnail
  • Contests landing page thumbnail
  • Nutrition page thumbnail

The Hasbro sites were templates and/or individual pages that the good folks on Hasbro's Development team plugged into their ColdFusion CMS. PlayDoh.com was based on my templates. Tonka and MonkeyBarTVJr involved coding whole pages as well as a template for new/future pages... but, they were also put in the Hasbro CMS.


Front-end Developer (site maintained by client) (2006)
  • Playdoh.com homepage thumbnail
  •  thumbnail


Front-end Developer (site maintained by client) (2006)
  • Tonka.com homepage thumbnail
  •  thumbnail
  •  thumbnail


Front-end Developer (site maintained by client) (2006 - 2006)
  • Playskool.com home page thumbnail
  •  thumbnail
  •  thumbnail
  •  thumbnail
  •  thumbnail
  •  thumbnail

Sadly, the brand "BostonWorks" is no more. The NY Times and Boston Globe partnered with Monster.com and blasted away the brand. (However, you can still see remnants of the name if you look closely at some of the Boston.com "Jobs" section's URL strings.)


Web Developer (May 2002 - January 2005)
  • BostonWorks.com homepage thumbnail
  • BostonWorks.com Hiring Hub thumbnail

Leah Schwartz & Stephen Karp Wedding Info. site

Original design and development (April 2004)
  • Steve & Leah wedding info. site home page screenshot thumbnail
  • Steve & Leah wedding info. site hotel info. screenshot thumbnail
  • Steve & Leah wedding info. Gift Registry screenshot thumbnail
  • Steve & Leah wedding info. site Boston info. screenshot thumbnail


Development (February 2003)
  • KarynFranzen.com home page screenshot thumbnail


Template Development (January - March 2002)
Creation of templates to be used for a dynamic site. Over 40 unique page templates required. Coded while at BaseSix
  • AT&T Homepage Screenshot Thumbnail
  • AT&T Secondary level Screenshot Thumbnail

1-800-Flowers Intranet Styleguide site

HTML Coding (January 2001)
Coded while at BaseSix
  • 1-800-Flowers Screenshot Thumbnail


Coding and Production of site (July 2000 - February 2001)
Contract assignment through Aquent
  • Mulieris.com Screenshot Thumbnail


Content Webmaster (October 1999 - June 2000)
Contract assignment through Aquent
  • Viant.com Screenshot Thumbnail

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